Murickens groups is an ISO certified company manufacturer and supplier of solar products and solar water heater in kerala  
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Welcome to Renewable Energy Kerala

Murickens Group, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company provides thermal converting  energy solutions. As a pioneer in solar water heating system, MG utilizes proven technologies while developing strategic partnership with other solar industry innovators in India. In unconventional energy field MG is with you in every step of the experience and the Group introduces two Government registered trade brand names-"MG" and "FLYLINE".


  Flyline Solar Inverter MG Solar Water Heater Flyline Street Light DC Home adv board LIght  

We are active in the field of renewal energy since 1992 and have been marketing MG solar water heaters and electronic power saving products like Analog DLX Inverters, UPS, Deep Freezers, Mobile Mortuary, Servo Stabilizers and 110 volt Stepdown Transformers etc and have been manufacturing and marketing Solar Panels, solar inverters, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Street Lights, Solar Lanterns, Solar UPS and Solar DC Mini HomeLighting System under the brand name of “Flyline ’’ and “MG’’ since 2ooo.

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MG Solar Water Heater

This is an equipment to provide you hot water as per your choice without gas or electricity charges and with the assurance of a great service backup from MG Group. There are two type of MG Solar Water Heaters - Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) and both the units does not produce electricity but carries heat energy. For FPC the transparent cover allows sunlight to pass through and the flat plate inside the collector absorbs it by the selective coating. The heat–transport fluid pipes welded on the back side of the flat plate takes the heat away and makes heat exchange with the water inside the tank.

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Flyline solar Streetlight

Muricken's Flyline Solar Street light System is using solar energy received by solar panels to charge the batteries of 12 V or 24 V. It can be used for lighting Street Lights, Garden Lights, Advertisement posters, Houses etc. The main advantage of the Solar Streetlight System is that it is absolutely free from electricity charges and it can be used anywhere on earth including oceans and deserts where sunlight is available..

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Flyline Solar charge controller

Flyline Solar Charge Controller is used to regulate the power supply flowing through the battery packs while charging or discharging to give a fault free long life to the battery. If there is a normal UPS at the customers premises it can be connected to a solar charge controller as our unit is zero drop and highly efficient.

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LED Based Solar Advertising Board

Advertisements are inevitable for every business and among them advertisement boards in cities and road sides need lights to see them at night. Usually a good amount of money is spent on electricity and someone should be there to turn them on at night and off in the morning. All the above problems remain solved with the introduction of LED based automatic Solar Advertising Boards.

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Solar Sine Wave Inverter


Due to the changing climatic conditions and the scarcity of natural resources production of power became very low and it is at this juncture that Murickens came out with a fully automatic user friendly Flyline Sine Wave Solar Inverter which can even be connected to the existing wiring.

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Flyline Solar Off-grid Sinewave UPS cum Inverter

.The field of renewable energy power production is boosting now a days and what is really required is to choose the best available technology for your needs and as such Murickens Group with over 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energy power production introduced the Flyline Stand Alone System which is a pure substitute to electricity.

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Flyline Solar LED Lantern

Say good bye to candles during power failure. Flyline Solar lanterns are user friendly solar energy lights which include a solar panel and a lamp with a battery attached to it and in full charge this lantern can give a back up of 8 hours.

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Flyline Solar Mono/poly Crystalline Cells

Murickens developed solar panels with highly efficient GERMAN modules assembled in India and certified by Government of India, Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) and ISO. Flyline solar cells (Silicon chips) are assembled together to make a solar panel which can be of varying capacity and shape as per the needs of the customer

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An inverter is used to provide power to a minimum level in case a of power failure. It is maintenance free, with single switch operation, fully automatic, auto reset itself and it protects electronic equipments from lightning and high or low voltage trip. It also has overload protection. and can also be connected to the existing wiring. It has over charge and deep discharge cut off.

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Murickens manufacture different capacities of UPS for offices and household purposes. For domestic purpose off-line UPS is sufficient and affordable on the basis of power consumsion and cost and as regards offline we are the first Kerala based manufacturers and dealers.

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Murickens Uninterrupted Power Supply Online system, as the name itself denominates, is commonly used in places where we need a constant voltage and uninterrupted electricity like hospitals, labs, blood banks, IT sectors etc .

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In order to avoid the voltage fluctuations which is a frequent affair in Kerala Murickens introduced MG servo stabilizer, an electronic device that gives constant output voltage all times.

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In this system the voltage is reduced from primary windings to the secondary windings. In this a transformer is designed in such a way that the primary winding turns is more than the secondary winding turns and this in turn converts high-voltage, low current power into low-voltage high current power

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n this system the voltage is increased from primary windings to the secondary windings. In this a transformer is designed in such a way that the secondary winding turns are more than the primary winding turns.

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We, the Murickens group, are the first manufacturers of freezers in India with low power consumption and it is made in the brand name of MG Deep Freezer. It takes only one fifth of power as compared to the other branded freezers available in the market and for different types of food item it has different temperature settings.

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In order to preserve the dead bodies in tact for a few days we manufactured the product under the brand name of MG Mobile Mortuary with f all the four sides glasses to get a full view of the physical remains .

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We also made a footstep into the field of tubular batteries and are supplying them all over Kerala both in the public and private sectors Murickens Groups is the manufacturers of Solar inverters, Water heaters, UPS, Servo Stabilizers, Mini home light system etc

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